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A Delectable Journey

Welcome to my first blog post and happy reading!

In the instance of trust and faith, I started Cake Palate Designs, LLC. Now I trust the moment to delve into blogging.

As far back as I can remember I have always had a love for reading, writing, and spelling. While English was not my strong suit during my academic years' grammar in the context of reading, writing, and spelling most certainly was. I looked forward to every spelling test, spelling bee, and school book fair.

My love for reading was piqued by the touch of paper. It was the intriguing feeling of the texture, thickness, and smoothness when turning the pages of a book. It was an enchanting connection between the characters and the words in the stories. There were times I would envision myself as an author penning my next manuscript sitting at a desk surrounded by a plethora of knowledge on a bookshelf. The words became as soothing as the stroke of a pen gliding across the paper, seeing the nostalgic color palettes of ink meeting the canvas. The feeling of the weight of the pen as I made each wisp of a letter drew me into another dimension of calm that was fascinating and engaging.

Penmanship carries a beauty all on its own with every dotted I, T crossed, down to the intricate connection of letters. Seeing the writing through to completion elicits similar feelings to baking a cake in the oven. Watching the rise of batter form golden brown edges, and a sleek velvety smooth finish on top is the coup de grace. Baking has a magnetic pull on my heart, the impeccable taste and aesthetics are all of which Cake Palate Designs, LLC flavors signify. It is not always about the occasions you are celebrating or remembering, it is about spending time with family, or satisfying your taste buds with something sweet and savory! Being a Tulsa, Oklahoma baker, I thrive to be memorable serving you quality unique products on this delectable journey.

Blessings and love,


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