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Chef - Founder of Cake Palate Designs, LLC

Baking is My Therapy

As a passionate and detail-oriented industry chef, I enjoy crafting complex cakes with a modernistic approach. A large part of my success while working for customers stems from my ability to cultivate an intuitive understanding of their needs and bake what makes their event unforgettable.

Arisha's Story

Arisha is the owner and baker of Cake Palate Designs, LLC®. She is a woman of God, a mother of two, and two bonus daughters. At the age of eight, having a love for anything sweet, she started cooking family meals and baking cakes. Arisha would watch her mother, aunt, and other family members in the kitchen smelling all the delightful aromas, learning their recipes, and the "Secret Ingredient" to bake with love was handed down to her! As the years passed, Arisha and her brother would have cooking competitions for their friends to show off their skills, which she would proudly boast she won quite a few. After the passing of her brother, the only place she found happiness was in the kitchen. In honor of her brother Rahsaan "Rome" Durham, she continues to curate an exquisite line of gourmet cakes, traditional sweets, and hand-crafted confections. 


Arisha's story encompasses so much more. While living in Texas, she watched her sister live out her passion for baking which inspired her to pursue her vision even more. In 2010, Arisha started baking consistently for friends, family, holidays, engaged couples, brides, parents-to-be, and other events creating custom baked goods you cannot find at every corner bakery or cupcake shop. Through her love for volunteering in 2014, she began supporting local 501(c)3 charities, schools, and bake sales.

In 2016, Arisha moved to Tulsa, OK, and soon began baking for newfound friends and acquaintances. Soon after, they offered her an opportunity to open a restaurant in Tulsa. Being new to the area, she was not ready to pursue a new business adventure at the time. Continuing to bake, and through her business coaching, tutoring, and training, she has evolved. With every new creation, recipe, or project she has undertaken, her skills have elevated, and her prayers, beliefs, and faith have led her to this point. 

With Cake Palate Designs, LLC, her mission is the same to keep taste and quality a top priority. Every order showcases richly vibrant flavors, and succulently why she is a "Connoisseur of Sophisticated Flavors."® Her red velvet pound cake, lemon blueberry, Earl Grey Lavender & Lemon cakes are the most requested cakes to date, with people lining up for her banana pudding and Oreo cakes at every event she attends. Today, she continues to grow and plan for the future, persisting in her reputation for unmatched quality. All her cakes, buttercreams, curds and fillings, ganaches, and desserts are freshly made, per order using fine, high-quality couverture chocolates and ingredients for a magnificent taste!


If baking is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Regina Brett

Cake Palate Designs, LLC Features

By gaining popularity through popular events in Tulsa, OK, we're proud to be featured in some of the most popular events in the area and more is coming.

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