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One dozen (12 ) 5oz. cheesecake shooters are the perfect snack-size layered dessert with your choice of cheesecake flavors and toppings. 

5oz. Cheesecake Shooters

SKU: 4658431324679
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  • Cancellations 

    Once your payment or deposit is received, if you cancel your order before it is delivered or you or your designee pick it up, there is no refund. You have 48 hours to cancel a payment for future credit after paying in full or a 50% deposit. 

    Store Credit

    If there is an issue after you have paid for your order, I will give you store credit as follows:

    • If you cancel a celebration cake at least a week before the scheduled pick-up day, I will credit 100% of the purchase price toward a future order.

    • If you cancel more than 72 hours before pick up but less than a week prior, we deduct 50% from the credit.

    • If a celebration cake is canceled less than 72 hours before the scheduled pick-up day, there are NO REFUNDS.


    The details of your order are very important! Please review your contract to be sure everything is correct. If you find a mistake, please let us know immediately. Upon visual inspection of the order and its departure from the premises or delivery, the customer or designee approves the visual appearance, waiving any right to a refund based on the style, design, or visual appearance. 

    Please review the full Ordering Policy and Terms and Conditions on our website at

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