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The Birth of Caketastrophy®

Have you ever had a moment you knew would be oh so spectacular, and it ended in total disarray. I hadn't either until what should have been heralded as the greatest wedding cake of all times, and featured in the top bridal magazines went poof in my face.

Allow me to recount the singular occasion, by divine providence, when I encountered a challenge with a cake order. Join me on this narrative of disappointment, redemption, self-awareness, and humility. This experience calls to mind Proverbs 28:13, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and rectifying one's mistakes to receive mercy. I needed to extend forgiveness and compassion to myself to surmount this obstacle. Drawing inspiration from 2 John 1:3, may we be enveloped in grace, mercy, and peace through truth and love from God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Father's Son.

A message and apology sent to my bride. As you prepare to commemorate your first anniversary, I would like to take a moment to reminisce about your wedding cake. Although this may be a slightly lengthy reflection, I believe an explanation is warranted.

The cake preparation was proceeding smoothly until an unexpected turn of events. Referred to humorously as "Caketastrophy® - Take One the Cake," the initial stages of stacking the tiers appeared promising. However, upon placing the tiers on the faux base, a caketastrophy unfolded. The third tier protruded, almost collapsing under its own weight. This incident caused a ripple effect in the fondant, rendering it irreparable just two hours before the wedding. Although I managed to rectify the bulging tier, the intricate fondant layers could not be salvaged without dismantling the entire cake. Consequently, a wave of emotions overcame me, leading to a moment of despair and tears. It was at this juncture that my family provided much-needed support, urging me to compose myself and ensure the delivery of a fabulous tasting cake despite the setback.

"Caketastrophy Two - The Delivery" recounts a moment of swift adaptation as I promptly addressed the challenges of concealing bulges and seams by skillfully layering fondant. Despite this quick fix, the outcome fell short of my high standards upon inspection. Adding to the dilemma, the Cakesafe's height rendered it incompatible with my husband's car, overlooking the fact that my own truck was unavailable due to a recent transmission breakdown. Overwhelmed, I contacted the venue to notify them of my delayed arrival. Fortunately, a neighbor with a truck came to my aid. With the Cakesafe securely packed in another box, I ventured to the venue, relieved to have resolved the transportation hurdle.

"Caketastrophy Three - The Kitchen" depicted a scenario where setup was delayed due to guests occupying the reception area. Consequently, the only available space for waiting out of sight was the kitchen, which was not just warm but hot. The adverse effects of heat on buttercream and fondant are horrible. The cake encountered significant challenges, with the heat causing it to lean, the fondant drooping, and seams splitting. Despite grappling with these issues and near tears, I requested string to secure the cake to the central dowel to stabilize it. My husband and I took turns supporting the cake due to muscle fatigue. Amidst the ceremony, we managed to set up the cake to the best of our abilities. I discreetly wrapped the string around the cake stand, concealed the front with additional pampas, and promptly issued a full refund.

In retrospect, I had never encountered an issue with a wedding cake, or wedding cake delivery of such significance, nor had I faced any issues previously. On your wedding day, I aimed to spare you this account, struggling to find words beyond a sincere apology. This incident prompted personal growth and self-forgiveness. A year later, I find myself sharing this experience proudly with students and as a featured guest on episode 30 of Cashflows with Cash Matthews podcast segment. This "Caketastrophy" has become a pivotal lesson, allowing me to reflect on my journey from a failed delivery to a moment of personal development. While I can now chuckle at the mishap, I also appreciate the humility gained from acknowledging my mistakes. I deeply regret this incident and its impact on your wedding day, and your cake.

Warmest Wishes,

Arisha Smith

Cake Palate Designs, LLC


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